Maksim Zaslavsky on SEC charges “We will fight”

Maksim Zaslavsky on SEC charges “We will fight”

Yesterday Securities and Exchange Commission charged Maksim Zaslavsky and his two companies with defrauding investors in a pair of ICOs — REcoin and DRC World, purportedly backed by investments in real estate and diamonds. reached Mr. Zaslavsky and asked him to comment SEC charges.

— Maksim, do you plan to challenge SEC charges?

— Of course, we will fight. I now hire lawyers to defend my position in the courts. The SEC’s accusations are groundless, we have not defrauded our investors and offer a full refund to anyone who requests it.

— Are the Commission’s statements true that your companies were not engaged in real operations and did not hire any employees?

— So the companies just did not start its operations, everything is just in the process. For example, the release of tokens planned for December.

By the way, both projects are financed by me. The crowdsale is the sale of membership in the club and after the end of sales or at some particular stage of this crowdsale we planned to start purchases of diamonds.

In addition, we ourselves stopped the implementation of REcoin, faced with the fact that the property, which was supposed to back the token, does not have the necessary liquidity for this purpose. We offered everyone a refund and switched to DRC World because the gems we want to use to back the new token are much more liquid. But in this case, before collecting the reserves, it is necessary to conduct a crowdsale at a certain level.

— Regarding REcoin, the Commission claims that you actually collected only $ 300,000, not several million, as the company reported. Who is right?

— “They can not count.” The sum that we announced was actually nominal revenue, excluding discounts, referral amounts, and so on. The total sum was less than $ 2 million. And we, announcing the revision of the project, continue to offer a refund to those who want it.

— Is there a threat of criminal prosecution – the SEC cannot do it itself, but can send the material to the relevant authorities?

— It seems to me that the SEC feels that it has missed the issue of regulating cryptocurrency and ICO and now wants to catch up, choose me as a scapegoat. I hope that there will be no criminal trial, although I can not completely exclude such a scenario.



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